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PERFECT 10 - YA, complete and querying

Sam Raines has been going through a bit of a love drought lately and he’s tired of it, but there’s not much he can do: he lives in a small Ohio town where the only other gay boys he knows are his ex-boyfriend (completely off-limits) and an acne-plagued kid named Archie (just…no). When his Catholic-turned-Wiccan  best friend Meg suggests performing a love spell, Sam is just desperate enough to try. To their surprise, Meg’s spell actually works and suddenly Sam finds himself with not one, but FIVE incredible guys vying for his attention.  Sam must figure out which one is his true Perfect 10 – and as he does, he discovers much more about himself along the way.  

REFUGE - YA, complete and distilling in a drawer

To everyone at Holy Cross Catholic High School, Nic seems like the perfect, faithful student, but inside, Nic’s a mess. For one thing, he’s pretty sure he’s gay – a secret that could cost him his family and the church he calls home. On top of that, two people he idolizes are telling him two very different things: Mr. McKinley, his gorgeous but closeted choir teacher, tells him to resist the temptation of other boys and to hide what he is, and Brad, the “out and loud” boy that Nic’s rapidly falling in love with, swears that the truth is the only way. But as Nic struggles to reconcile his faith with his feelings, Holy Cross is struck with a horrific event that will decide his fate for him, and only one question will remain – will he be strong enough to deal with the aftermath? 

The Compass Rose Series - TRUE NORTH and FROM EAST TO WEST complete, DUE SOUTH unfinished

A fantasy trilogy for adults that chronicles three generations of a Magi family as they try to survive in a world that won't accept them. There's Vincent and Cain, brothers from another mother who have to prove their loyalty to each other when the gods try to deceive them. Veronica, Brian, and Josiah follow, questioning their roles as Magi and ultimately deciding that their free will is more important than their duties to the gods, and lastly, Eli, Brianna, Daniel, and Clare, who must choose between their family and their calling as Magi. Spanning over fifty years and two continents, the Westhaven family perseveres in an epic battle between destiny and choice.

Alibi (Nobody Knows But Me) - YA, Current WIP

"Prove it," Lindsay had said, and that's what started this whole mess. How do you prove you love someone if saying it out loud isn't enough? Maybe you lie for her, maybe you steal for her. Maybe you betray your best friend or maybe you start a fight. Maybe you get a stupid tattoo on your chest. Maybe you take the fall for something she's done, and waste a few months of your life in Juvie. Or maybe, just maybe, you save her from her worst enemy: herself.

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