Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa - Erin and Laura's Christmas Wishes

We don't want to bother you with any selfish requests for ourselves.  And besides, we know you are really busy and it's a bit late in the season for you to build us something.  So we won't make either one of those "naughty kid" sort of mistakes.  There's really only one thing we each want for Christmas, Santa, and we'll have to ask for it separately (for obvious karmic reasons, see the Upanishads for details) so here goes...  

Dear Santa,

Would you please get Laura a literary agent?  It doesn't have to be a magical literary agent, although that would be fine, but just one who can make sure her awesome books get published. As for me, I'm all set.  I don't need a thing.  

Love and Merry Christmas,  

PS - Thanks for eating all the cookies, cause it really helps me stick to my New Year's diet if they are out of the house.

Hey Santa, 

I just want you to know that Erin's been a really good girl this year. She's been working hard at revising her novel and teaching classes and building a client list for her yoga studio. In fact, she's been working too hard. Do you think you could somehow, with all of your Christmas miracle ways, find some time for Erin to have to herself? Yeah, I know, it's kind of selfish because I want to read her novel so bad and I'm getting impatient but still. Just a little time, Santa. I know you've got the magic to make it happen. *wink wink nudge nudge* 

Thanks, and good luck on the big night!

PS - Can you settle a bet for me? Are the elves from the North Pole cousins to Rowling's house elves, or are they a different breed altogether? I've got $50 riding on this...

And because no letter to Santa would be complete without it, you must hear DUMBLECLAUS. But also, Erin's brilliant Scribbulus essay exposing the truth: Dumbledore IS Santa Claus

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