Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Temperance Brennan's Advice to Writers

It seemed like hours that Erin was flipped upside down on her brim.  Her legs kicked and swung around helter skelter.  She was wishing she had worn pants to bed instead of a nightshirt, since now her legs were not only cold but her backside was improperly revealed in this position.  On the plus side, her cup rim was nice and wide and it supported her perfectly; headstand was now much more comfortable than it had ever been before.

She reflected on the previous day, as their was nothing much else for her to do upside down.  She remembered the episode of Bones, her favorite TV show, that she'd been watching. She loved David Boreanaz but, then again, what woman didn't? His character, Seeley Booth, was so appealingly heroic. That's what she needed, Seeley Booth to come rushing in and tip her up onto her legs and turn her back into a woman.  She was pretty sure David Boreanaz could turn a teacup into a woman anytime with just a smile.  Maybe he could even connect her with a literary agent or a publisher.  Surely David Boreanaz must know people who know people...

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